Classic Basement Lounge below the Historic Rialto Poolroom in Portland, OR.

Stumptown Stories June 5th - Greenhouse Gases

The Jack London’s Tuesday Night Free Lecture Series is proud to host Richard Donin present on Greenhouse Gases: What are they from where do they originate?

“A native of Portland, Oregon, Richard Donin holds a Master of Arts from Lewis and Clark College and a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University. As an educator, college instructor, and businessman, Mr. Donin has a broad range of experience dealing with energy, environment, and education issues. He was a science teacher and curriculum specialist for 15 years at Portland Public Schools. Additionally, for 13 years, he was an adjunct graduate instructor at Lewis and Clark College.
Richard created nationally recognized, award winning education programs receiving numerous credit for innovative work in energy and environmental education. These honors include the top U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Special Award for Energy Innovation, the U.S. DOE Award for Energy Innovation, three State of Oregon Governor’s Energy Awards, a National Science Teachers Association’s (NSTA) Excellence in Science Education award, the NSTA’s Exemplary Science Program honor, and others”.